One of our gorgeous Les Trois Soeurs brides gave a fabulous interview with her proposal and engagement party stories in Part 1 of our engagement blogs. Hearing other people’s sweet stories about proposals, parties and planning can be a great way to get ideas for your own big day.


To help you along even more as you consider getting engaged to your own special someone, here are three questions to ask both before and after you commit to spending your lives together:


1. What does your partner love?

2. What do both of you want most?

3. What are you able to do to achieve those things?


It might seem simple, but those questions are actually incredibly complex. 



What does your partner love?


Are you considering proposing to him? We live in a modern era, after all, and it’s not all up to the man anymore. While the guy proposing to the girl is still more common, many women are getting down on one knee themselves and loving every second of it. So what does your partner love? Would he be delightfully surprised if you proposed or do you know for a fact that it’s something he wants to do?


Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re reading this and you’re planning to propose: take heed. Consider what your partner may want out of a proposal. If he/she is a private person, then perhaps a public proposal isn’t a good idea. If you are saving for a house, maybe don’t drop half your salary on a ring without consulting her.


When you’re planning a wedding, keeping in mind the things your partner loves will help you find ways of surprising him or her on that special day.





What do both of you want most?


To find the ring in a glass of champagne? A quiet proposal alone at sunset? To move to a big city or the country? To go on a three-month European honeymoon? To keep your wedding private and small? Figuring out what you both want most out of the proposal and the wedding will help you get on the same page. Find the things you agree on, make compromises where necessary, and the planning process will be a whole lot simpler.


What are you able to do to achieve those things?


Maybe you have to say no to that live wedding band in order to save for the honeymoon. Perhaps two courses will do instead of three. This is the beginning of your journey together, and it should start with learning how to make some important decisions without harming your relationship.


Sure, you will likely argue. There will be days where planning an engagement party or wedding will seem like a monumental task. But you can do anything together if you keep in mind what brought you to this point in the first place — love.