Inspired by the delicately romantic Spanish art form of Azulejo, Alon Livne's Spring-Summer 2017 collection, "Princess of Seville" fuses art, culture and design to create a season of show-stopping masterpieces. Conceptualised around this beautifully handcrafted tilework, his range is intricate and luxurious, with an artisanal touch, making it so exquisitely unique.

Motivated by his love of history and appreciation for the traditional art, it was only fitting the campaign he photographed against a backdrop of panoramic scenes of ancient Seville, as he blends something old with something new, for an original take on bridal style.

Fusing antique materials, handmade modern embroidery, beading and pearls, he expresses a feminine and romantic take on the season, with symmetry and sculpture defining this unforgettable range. Barely-there detailing, sheer French lace and Baroque bring a sumptuous edge to the feminine style, with slinky and statuesque silhouettes for an impeccable fit.

Refreshingly youthful, the collection brings a flirtatiousness and frivolity to bridalwear, uncovering a playful side to serious style. And from ruffles and tulle, the bold to the demure, there's something for every bride to love in his romantically regal bridal designs.


Read on to find out more from the designer himself.....


Q - What makes the art form of Azulejo so special to you that it inspired your new collection?

I found the ceramic paintings extremely special and intriguing. These are hand-made, framed whole stories. The colourful creations inspired me immediately, as soon as I was exposed to them, as well as to the magnificent decorations, which reminded me of lace.


Alon Livne Alexandra

Alexandra Gown

Q - What sets your Spring-Summer 2017 "Princess of Seville" collection apart from previous seasons?

In the new collection one can detect the interesting combination of extremely sexy and embellished styles next to some classic and majestic ones. This seasons collection widely covers the dreams of many different brides to be.


Alon Livne Christine

Christine Gown

Q - What do you consider the three most important considerations when choosing a bridal gown?

First is the fit of the right dress to the figure, in terms of cut, cleavage etc. Second - Dare and do not be afraid. This is the most important day of your life so far. You can permit yourself to wear a very special dress without fear. Stick to your fantasy all the way through. Third, do not compromise on the quality of the dress materials and craftmanship, they are part of the complete look of the dress.


Alon Livne Dominique

Dominique Gown

Q - Who is the Alon Livne Bride?

Alon Livne's bride is someone who knows exactly what she wants, and will not compromise on her wishes. She wants to look her best on her wedding day, feel pretty, special and sexy. One that appreciates the art behind the design of the dress.


Caroline Gown

Q - Talk us through how your new collection has come together from conception to creation?

Prior to each season, when I start designing the collection, I research for inspiration, look for motifs and images that blow my mind and excite my imagination. Ignite the joy of creation. This season it was the Spanish art of Azulejo. Then comes the stage of sketching and choosing materials, this is extremely intriguing. Here the dream starts to form. Then, together with my professional team of seamstresses, pattern makers and embroiderers, we start forming the collection and bring it to life. Each dress goes through a meticulous process of quality assurance - every cut, bead and stitch all the way through to delivery.


Alon Livne Anastasia

Anastasia Gown

Q - What three pieces of advice would you offer brides?

First - Follow your heart. When you feel that "This Is It!' go for it with no hesitation. Second - take with you a good friend or your mother. No more than that. To many people around you will create confusion more than help. Third - remember that you must enjoy the process and the experience, do not get stressed! Enjoy every minute and celebrate the world of couture and bridal gowns.


Alon Livne Kim

Kim Gown

Q  - How do you define beauty?

Beauty lies everywhere and all of the time. You just need to open your eyes and look around you. Nevertheless, I think that beauty surrounds us in nature. This is the perfect beauty that creates inspiriation. From the view of the desert to a field of flowers, living creatures and natural treasures. 


Alon Livne Charlize

Charlize Gown

Q - What do you see as the next big thing in bridal design?

I think the future is already here in the world of bridal couture. A field that was once dominated by classic design not necessarily fashionable or sophisticated, has now cleared the way to a whole realm of creative fashion that would not be put to shame by any "Red Carpet" event or Gala occasion. Original creative designs turn the wearing experience in to a one-time celebration.


Alon Livne Taylor 

Taylor Gown

Les Trois Soeur will be be hosting an exclusive Alon Livne trunk show

18th and 19th February 2017