Choosing your bridal hair accessories and jewellery is quite a struggle for many brides. Here is our simple guide to help you find that perfect finishing touches. Generally, the gown comes first, and after the triumphant moment when it is finally found, a bride can then move on to consider what accessories best complete her wedding day ensemble.



There are several things a bride must consider when determining how to accessorise for her wedding day. One of the most exciting things about a good bridal accessory is that, unlike a wedding gown, an accessory may be worn on special occasions for years to come, and perhaps even passed down as a keepsake from one generation to another. Headbands, earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be mixed and matched in the future as a stunning accompaniment to many occasions.



With that in mind, she must put her personality and taste at the forefront of every choice. These accessories are hers and they are for her big day; they should therefore evoke her unique fashion sense above everything else. Whether she goes for classic and vintage or bold and brazen, a bride should choose pieces that accompany her dress well and make sense with her personality. This is not the time to make decisions simply to please her friends or family. She should find accessories she loves and wants to wear, otherwise she will always feel out of place in them. However, keep in mind that considerations such as the neckline of the dress and colour of the accessories are also important when picking out accessories to match. For instance, hairstyle matters when choosing a headband, veil, or headdress, although many brides choose their hairstyle based on what accessory they fell in love with. Head accessories, like those of bridal designer Jenny Packham, can set the mood for a whole theme, put the look into another decade if chosen wisely in correspondence to the dress and hairstyle on the day. Remember to listen to the advice of your designer, and be vocal about what you like/dislike.



Budget is another top concern in this area. While a bride shouldn’t limit herself too strictly, it is still important that she is honest with her designer about what she can spend on her accessories. Even minor changes in materials can make a big difference in price, so it is important that the designer knows what he or she is able to work with.



Finally, as with many aspects of the wedding, timing and planning are of utmost importance, particularly if the bride chooses to have her pieces custom made. Accessories should be chosen between three and six months prior to the wedding to ensure the bride has them for the hair trials and final fittings. This is also important if a bride plans to commission accessories for her maids as a complement to her own, as all of this will take time and changes may need to be made.

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