Setting out to find the dress of your dreams is an emotional and exciting journey. Les Trois Soeurs’ tips for finding ‘the one’ will help you navigate your quest


Prior research

According to Les Trois Soeurs' founding sister, researching your dream dress prior to your first consultation is useful and proactive. “You can show your consultant pictures of gowns that appeal to you,” she says, “and they can help you find dresses with similar silhouettes, cuts or fabrics.” Consider photo-tagging websites such as We Heart It and Pinterest for a wide variety of options.

Keep an open mind 

You’ll never really know if a shape or style suits you until you try it on. “If it’s your first time trying on dresses, experiment with a variety of silhouettes,” says the eldest sister. “A large number of brides end up choosing a dress that they would never even have expected to try on, so being open-minded is essential.”

Be true to yourself

Although your wedding dress is a one off, it can still reflect your nature and the way you usually dress. For example, an outgoing, fashion-forward bride with heaps of confidence might choose a statement dress by a daring designer, whereas a more conservative dresser with a quieter disposition might prefer a traditionally elegant gown that reflects her subtle tastes.

Venues and themes

Les Trois Soeurs advises against choosing a dress based solely on your venue or wedding theme as it restricts your choices. “If you love a dress and feel like it encompasses your personality and style, and it feels beautiful and comfortable, then it will flow perfectly with the other elements of your day, no matter what,” she says.

Ask for advice

Having an expert to provide advice and support should not be underestimated. If you trust your bridal consultant, you’ll find that you have a wealth of insider tips and expertise at your disposal. Les Trois Soeurs’ friendly consultants are skilfully trained and have limitless fashion knowledge to share. The team will encourage you to take advantage of this and ask for any styling tips you need.

Trust your instincts

According to Christie, a consultant at Les Trois Soeurs, a bridal gown should accentuate and lovingly flatter your shape and - most importantly - your inner confidence. “If you feel fabulous as soon as you try the dress on, the chances are it’s the one for you,” she says. “Trust your instincts and don’t miss this amazing opportunity to feel incredible on your wedding day.”

Shop with friends you trust

Taking just one guest with you when you set out to find your dress is ideal as it lets you focus on what you really want. “Having too many differing opinions at your first appointment only confuses you,” says Christie. She suggests bringing a guest whose opinion you trust, such as your mother or a close friend.

Choose the dress of your dreams

If you do take an entourage with you to your consultation, always remember that the ideal gown is one that you want and love - not your guests’ favourite. Your style may be completely different from theirs; remember that your wedding dress is special because it reflects your unique style and personality, nobody else’s. 

It’s a wrap

“When you've found the perfect dress, go for it and don’t try on any more,” says Christie. “Go ahead and arrange your fittings and start shopping for underwear and shoes, safe in the knowledge that you have found ‘the one’.”