From Down on One Knee to Down the Aisle

There are a million things for a bride to think about leading up to her wedding day. Fortunately, Les Trois Soeurs offers a lot of great ideas for choosing a trendy bridal gown, finding the perfect wedding favours and many other aspects of planning your wedding.


But every once in a while, we like to share a great story from one of our Les Trois Soeurs brides to give future brides some ideas (and a few ‘aww’ moments as well). Abi Caldwell was kind enough to share her own engagement story with us:

Abi Caldwell's wedding day


How did the proposal happen?


My now-husband is not naturally drawn to planning and organising, so I should have known something was awry when I found out he had gotten us a reservation at Noma and planned a whole long weekend trip to Copenhagen.


When I got back from work on the Thursday night before we left, he told me he had booked a table for us at the restaurant where we had our first dinner date. When I got downstairs after changing, he’d put some music on and was in the kitchen. “Just thought I’d make us an aperitif,” he called to me. I remember thinking at the time: a weekend away, a reservation at Noma, dinner out and a glass of bubbly on the way — could there be a better start to a 4-day weekend?


He came through and put the glass on the table in front of me; he’d made the cocktail we had on our first date. I smiled at him and then suddenly he said, “There’s something important I want to ask you.” He dropped onto one knee, opened a ring box and proposed.


Would you do anything differently, or was it perfect the way it happened?


It was perfect! I loved the way David knew to propose in our own home rather than somewhere public (I’m quite a private person), but that he thoughtfully arranged a trip away to mark the occasion and make memories we could look back on for years to come. 


What was your engagement party like? What made it special?


Again, I had the wool completely pulled over my eyes! A few months earlier I had arranged to go home for my dad’s birthday and take him out for lunch. When we got to my Dad’s house he said he would direct us to the restaurant. So we set off and I remember thinking, this is an odd way to go. After about twenty minutes I realised we were close to my eldest sister’s house. We got out of the car and, still rather confused, I followed him up the drive to my sister’s front door. “But I’m sure she’s got plans today…” I started to say, just as my entire family opened the door and shouted “SURPRISE!”


Do you have any suggestions for future brides on planning their engagement party and wedding? 


To keep focused on what was important to us, David and I wrote down the main things we wanted for our day before we started any wedding planning. In the end it was a short, simple list:


1. To be legally married

2. To be able to share the day with the people we love and care about

3. For those people to be comfortable, happy and have a great day


Every time we had a difficult decision to make we went back to the list and it really helped.


However you do it, the main thing I would say is try not to let wedding planning take over or redefine your relationship. If you can, make it fun. Your wedding is a wonderful day but it marks the beginning of your marriage, the relationship between you for all the years to come. Make time for whatever it is you enjoy doing as a couple.


Do you have anything to share about your experience at Les Trois Soeurs?


I have massive gratitude for you all in helping me create the perfect wedding outfit. Not only were you spectacularly helpful and knowledgeable, but the atmosphere in the shop reflects your beautiful personalities and it felt more like coming to see friends when I had my dress fittings.



Abi Caldwell



Check back in a couple weeks for more engagement advice!