It’s no secret. Wedding traditions are forever evolving, and gift list etiquette is no exception. What was once a humble foot up and over the threshold into marital bliss is now more a case of what to get the couple that has it all. And it’s unlikely to be that new kettle, toaster or figurine, thanks all the same.


So, where have the gift list boundaries moved to now, and what does that mean for your big day? Here are our tried and tested dos and don’ts, to ensure your gifting goes without a glitch.


DO offer are wide range of gifts at a variety of price points to suit every budget, and make sure those smaller ticket items are just as adorable as the full Wedgwood Teaware collection. Or why not give guests the option of contributing to more elaborate presents, with the likes of


DON’T feel the need to keep to tradition if it’s just not you. Every aspect of your wedding day should reflect you as a couple, so don’t ask for crystal champagne flutes if they’re just going to end up dusty on display in your dining room. If you’ve always fancied starting your own collection of modern art, vinyl or Le Creuset cookware, now’s your chance!


DO make it as easy as possible for your guests, ideally with a registry that’s accessible online, such as Selfridges or John Lewis, meaning poor Aunt Susan flying in from Dublin doesn’t have to try to navigate her way to your favourite local boutique to collect her gift en route to the ceremony.


DON’T feel bad about asking for money. It’s quite commonplace in today’s society to ask for a contribution towards the honeymoon. Just give your guests a little hint towards how their gift will be spent by splitting the registry into individual presents and packages, such as a sunset cocktail cruise, Thai cookery class or romantic massage for two. Companies such as Patchwork Present can help gift wrap this idea into an altogether more palatable concept, for those struggling with the concept of cold hard cash.


DO use technology. There’s a plethora of websites and apps that make the gift list a breeze for bride, groom and guests, each offering a unique slant depending on your personal penchants. Prezola, for example, gives you access to over 300 brands, a beautifully designed and customisable wedding website and free delivery, while Not Another Bill prides itself on being the most unique gift service in the world, offering beautiful bespoke gifts that are carefully curated and delivered throughout the year, for gifts that just keep on giving.  


And finally, DON’T forget to thank guests individually and personally for their specific gift. A simple and timely thank you goes a long way in showing your gratitude, so buy those thank you cards in advance for a prompt response, or enclose a snap of you both enjoying your gift for a more personal touch.