The Twin Swing

We've discovered The Twin Swing! A unique, professional dance act in the style of the roaring twenties, bringing sparkle and fun to any event. 

Twin sisters Emily and Jessica Evans manage and choreograph the act that provides up to half an hour of entertainment, including teaching the guests how to dance the Charleston! 

The Twin Swing
The sisters are experienced, professional dancers having trained in London and consistently worked within the entertainment business since graduating. These enthusiastic ladies are passionate about you having a fabulous evening and will be on board with any bespoke suggestions you may have. 
The Twin Swing TwinsThe Twin Swing TwinsThe Twin Swing Twins
In addition to the high energy performance, the girls provide a Charleston Hen Party Service. The ladies can transform into 20's flappers with fun choreography and a video of the party. Why not play the video at the wedding to show the brides best moves? What a great conversation starter!
Contact Emily and Jessica via phone or email, and be sure to like their Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter!
Emily: 07921036773
Jessica: 07516880125