In just under 25 years, McQueens has become an industry leader in London’s flower market, begun by passionate and dedicated entrepreneur, Kally Ellis. Earning well-deserved acclaim for innovative floral designs and quality craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that McQueens flowers are a favourite of discerning brides the world over.


Envisioning an archway frosted with white roses and hydrangeas? How about centrepieces dripping with fresh pansies? Climbing vines dotted with colourful flowers, luscious garlands draped over the chairs leading down your wedding aisle, ornate vases filled with exotic blooms—whatever your heart desires and your imagination can conjure, McQueens can bring about with excellence and flair!


Brides are invited to set up a special consultation with McQueens to discuss the vision, setting, and requirements for their wedding. Using their team’s expertise, they will guide you through the process by sharing their impressive portfolio, and advising on the colour and type of flower that would best encompass your style and taste.


No matter the size, location, or season of your wedding, McQueens guarantees quality, bespoke floral arrangements that are sure to dazzle everyone in attendance!