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Join us for the UK launch of the stunning Lian Rokman collection,

never been seen in the UK before! 

This Israeli designer is without doubt the next biggest thing in bridal wear

and the dresses arrive in store this weekend!







DATE: From now - 1st October 2017: late night apointments available

LOCATION: Les Trois Soeurs Bridal, 34 North Colonnade, Canada Place, Canary Wharf, E14 5HX



Les Trois Soeurs Bridal is honoured to launch her collection here in the UK and we know you will not be disappointed. Adored by all our boutique stylists, Lian's collection is both classic and romantic and most importantly, for any bride on her big day, utterly unique! To look at a Lian Rokman bridal dress is to look at a work of art. 

Lian Rokman's flair and artistic talent can be traced back through generations. Her mother was both a designer and a pattern maker and clearly inspired Lian’s love for fashion. When she was only twenty years old, Lian designed her first Bridal Collection.

Her desire to offer a full service for her brides motivated her to study professional makeup and hairstyling. Moreover, her accumulated knowledge led to a blossoming ten-year career in fashion and makeup. Her understanding of the female form and experience in the contemporary fashion world, has proved to be an inspiriting combination and clearly influences her beautiful wedding dress designs.

Lian's bridal collection spans from the classical and romantic to the modern and sexy. Each breathtaking design is garnished with immaculate details of the highest quality materials. All high-quality fabrics and laces are sourced internationally, from various fabric specialists all around the world. 

Lian’s bridal dresses are sewn to compliment every brides’ figure. The dresses are comfortable, organic, and simultaneously sophisticated. Could you be a Lian Rokman bride? Join us at the bridal boutique and try the stunning collection on in person to find out!


Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Diamond

Lian Rokman - Diamond


Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Malachite

Lian Rokman - Malachite


Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Aqua

Lian Rokman - Aqua


 Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Lily

Lian Rokman - Lily


Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Diamond Close Up

Lian Rokman - Diamond


 Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Bluebell

Lian Rokman - Bluebell


Lian Rokman Israeli Wedding Dress Designer Pheonix

Lian Rokman - Pheonix





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