We wanted to find out what advice wedding planning expert Alexandra from The Bijou Bride can offer a bride-to-be who might be lost in a sea of wedding preparations. 

1.When brides-to-be approach you to help them plan their wedding, the big day expectations must be high, ideas plenty and requests confusing. How do you manage to offer perspective?

It is hard to know where to start when planning your Wedding but my first task with clients is to have a relaxed meeting (over cocktails or tea and cake) to talk through their wishes.  We speak broadly about everything from the start of their relationship to their dream for the big day, what's most important when it comes to the celebrations to the qualities they love in their partner.  It may seem strange but it's invaluable to know my couples inside out so I can ensure every element of the Wedding reflects their personalities and that we have lots of fun along the way!

2.What pre-wedding phase is the right time to seek out the help of a wedding planner in your opinion?

To be most effective it always helps to be there from the start to offer valuable advise on the big decisions, typically the Wedding venue.  However I work with a variety of clients who may only need help with pulling together an overall Wedding style or have realised that they just don't have time to organise everything themselves and need a helping hand.  Wedding planners are there to help whatever stage the organisation has reached, no matter how late.

3.You are well known for offering a unique aspect to your clients’ weddings. How do you dig out the essential knowledge to bring personality into the event? 

At the initial meeting (mentioned above) I use a questionnaire to uncover the couples personality, their favourite things in life and each other.  I believe that a Wedding should reflect the essence of the couple's relationship, it's all the little personal details that guests will remember.

4.The Bijou Bride has a versatile portfolio of stunning themes and designs for weddings. Are there any secrets to your unique way of translating a love story into creative visual ideas?

Thank you, I have been so lucky and privileged to work with such amazing couples.  I'm not sure there is a secret as such, a lot is down to building that close relationship with the couples but I do believe in listening and really taking the time to understand my client's wishes.  I often get feedback on my enthusiasm by brides, grooms and their key family who say they always look forward to meeting or speaking with me as it makes them so excited and relaxed about the Wedding.  As for the creativity, I'm always looking for inspiration from not just within the Wedding industry but fashion, photography, history, art exhibitions it all helps to keep the ideas flowing.