So, you may be resisting the chocs this year thanks to your figure-hugging gown and must-start-on-Monday wedding diet. But before you slump into a sugar-free low, check out these guilt-free, sweet like chocolate beauty treats that you can indulge in calorie-free.



Quilesse Invigorating Body Scrub

Hotel Chocolat, £20

Hotel Chocolate Body Scrub

Scrub up a treat up with Hotel Chocolat's Quilesse Invigorating Body Scrub. Packed with exfoliating cocoa shell, conditioning cocoa butter and cane sugar, smother on and buff away for wedding day ready, silky soft skin.



BBrowBar Eyebrow Gel in Indian Chocolate

Space.NK.apothecary, £17

BBrow Bar Eyebrow Gel

This beauty bestseller keeps brows in check while the nutrient-rich vitamin B5 nourishes the hairs. Not only does it fill in the gaps for that sleek photo finish, it also doubles as a conditioning mascara, meaning it's the perfect partner for popping in your purse,or your honeymoon hand luggage, for on-the-go grooming.




Relaxing Ritual

Spa at the Montcalm, £250 for 2.5 hrs


Spa at the Montcalm


Cleanse, purify and rejuvenate tired skin with this super indulgent toe-to-top ritual. Starting with a tropical foot treatment, the body is then exfoliated and massaged to revitalise the skin and sooth the soul, beautifying from the outside in.



Delicious Self Tanning Cream

Clarins, £25

Delicious Self Tanning Cream by Clarins

Tinted in caramel and scented with chocolate, this sun-free self tanner glides on to give you the perfect sun kissed glow. Goodbye sallow skin, hello honeymoon!



The Sweeter Side of Sexy Make-up Collection

Too Faced at Selfridges, £80

Sweeter Side of Sexy Make Up

Beauty’s one-stop sweetie shop, this ultimate sin-free pick 'n' mix treat smells as good as it looks. Sitting alongside the mascara, eye primer and blush is the pièce de résistance: the 16 shade Semi-sweet chocolate bar eye shadow palette, sweetly scented with rich chocolatey goodness that will have you craving for more.



Body Inner Beauty Powder in Chocolate

The Beauty Chef at Selfridges, £48



Body Inner Beauty Powder in Chocolate  The Beauty Chef at Selfridges


Jam-packed with super-food goodness, this beauty innovation boosts the immune system, kick starts the metabolism and provides daily nurturing for your body from the inside out.



Bois Nef Bath Oil

Hotel Chocolat, £25

Hotel Chocolate Nef Bath Oil

Drizzle this calming tonic into a warm bath and melt away your wedding day worries. Sit back and relax while the hydrating oil, infused with cocoa, olive oil and coconut, transforms into a soothing milk, luxuriously conditioning your skin as you soak.




Anti-oxidant Chocolate Luxury Candle

Christopher Courtney, £54.95


Anti-oxidant Chocolate Luxury Candle  Christopher Courtney


Burn and breathe in the holistic benefits of organic essential oils muddled with the scent of chocolate and hints of orange. Smoke and soot free, it's as kind on the environment as it is to your soul.



Waxing experiences

Strip Wax Bar, from £10


The closest a wax will ever come to fun, each of the treatment rooms are cleverly decorated to match the wax. Choose the Chocolate Room with its cocoa aroma and sweetly scented wax, if only to take your mind off the matter while the super sharp wax masters work their magic in getting you fuzz-free.




Cocoa Beard Oil

Faith Fuzz, from £9.99



Not forgetting our sweet-toothed gents, this chocolate infused beard oil promises to not only maintain,but also improve, the look and feel of facial fuzz. There’s also the option of adding on a beard comb for extra man points.