Upon your engagement (12 months - or more - before the big day)

Your dress is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. The more time you have to research the better, so as soon as you become engaged start looking at dresses and styles, seeking inspiration. Even if you’ve always had a style in mind, it’s worth considering different options. See our Les Trois Soeurs wedding dress styles and silhouettes for inspiration. 

Try creating a mood board using magazine cuttings, or use sites like Pinterest to tag and collect inspirational bridal looks and designs you’ve found online. When you are ready to start shopping, take your clippings or laptop with you, so you can show them to your consultant.

Talk to the experts (nine to 12 months before)

With your wedding less than a year away, now is a good time to book your first consultation at Les Trois Soeurs. Bridal appointments are scheduled for a whole hour, giving you plenty of time to try on a variety of dresses and to become acquainted with your consultant. Make sure you share as much as you can about your style, your ideas for the wedding and the bridal silhouette you dream of. In turn, your consultant will give you a wealth of seasoned advice, highlighting dresses that will delight and inspire you.

Choosing the one (six to eight months before)

Ideally, you should choose your dress at least six months in advance of your special day. It takes four to six months for your dress to arrive after the Les Trois Soeurs team has ordered it for you. If your wedding is less than four months away when your order is made, rush options are typically available through the majority of the boutique’s designers.

Finishing touches (six weeks before)

Accessories take around six weeks to arrive at Les Trois Soeurs from the date of order and your consultant can assist you in trying on various veils and headpieces during your first fitting.

Tweaks and tucks (six weeks before)

Les Trois Soeurs consultants suggest booking your alterations around six weeks prior to your wedding. Typically, it takes three fittings to make all the necessary changes. Each appointment is made closer to your wedding day to allow for adjustments if your body fluctuates (many brides lose a little weight before the big day, whether or not they are trying to). You should take the shoes and lingerie you’ll be wearing on your wedding day to each fitting and the final fitting should be booked as close to your wedding day as possible to ensure your gown fits perfectly when you walk down the aisle.