Snow Boating: A Seriously Chilled Honeymoon

Not a lover of hot weather? Can’t think of anything worse than lying by a pool all day? Or perhaps you are a seasoned beach-bum looking for something completely different for the most special holiday you’ll ever take. Either way, following up a winter wedding with a snowy luxury honeymoon to see the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland is a once in a lifetime experience. With a flight time of just over two hours, this is also a great destination for those short on time. It doesn’t get much more romantic than snuggling up beneath the stars and gazing skyward to glimpse one of Earth’s most breath-taking natural phenomena.  For those wanting to add a little adventure to the honeymoon melting pot, look no further than dog-sledding - one of Original Travel’s favourite modes of transport across this Narnia-esque wonderland. A stay at the Ice Hotel, where every room is painstakingly carved out of ice and snow on a yearly basis (it melts), is the perfect choice to complete a luxury honeymoon with a difference. 


Sweden's Tree Hotel

Original thinking:  Don't forget to have a few days R&R at the end of the honeymoon too. You will want to delay the return to reality for as long as possible! Sweden’s Tree Hotel is a truly original and romantic bolthole. Curl up in a quirky tree house shaped like a mirror cube, a nest or a Dragonfly. All you’ll need to do is make a regular trip to the indulgent Tree Sauna. Pure bliss.


 Explore the Unkown: Flying Safari Honeymoon


If there’s one word to describe Namibia, it’s ‘cool’. As one of the most individual and downright original countries on Earth it makes for the perfect honeymoon adventure. Awe-inspiring landscape is the USP of this destination, as well as the most sophisticated lodges in Africa.  The Wolwedans collection consists of three immaculate and luxurious lodges dotted around Namibia’s desert.  Gourmet food is delivered to order but otherwise you’ll be left alone to enjoy the deafening silence. Zero light pollution means that you can see the stars all the way down to the horizon. 


Original thinking: Some of the best honeymoons involve doing something that’s new to both bride and groom. Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is hauntingly beautiful and the Schoeman brothers’ flying safari is the best way to hop between whalebone and rusted ship wrecks, rolling sand dunes, desert animals and uninhabited plains. If you crave the spirit of adventure, Namibia is for you. 


Lost in Translation: A Culturally Immersive Honeymoon



Japan. This is one of the few destinations where westerners will feel like they’ve truly landed on another planet… and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. This is, after all, a place where you can buy eggs and burgers from vending machines, trains actually run on time and karaoke is done without a hint of irony. There’s no need to compromise on romance either; the scenery is sublime and varied, the food is sensational and the luxury hotels are, well, very luxurious. Not to mention there’s more in the way of cultural exploration than you can shake a chopstick at; a luxury honeymoon in Japan will certainly be an experience unlike any other.

Original thinking: One of the best times to travel to Japan is in April when the famous cherry blossom is in full bloom and really sets the scene for a romantic escape. 


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