Its no secret that every bride is unique, every wedding its own, and every memory yours to treasure forever. So, isnt it only fitting that you should have a gown and a designer as individual and as unique as you are? Yes, dress shopping can be as daunting as it exciting, but panic no longer ladies, because weve found bridal bliss. Whether youre dreaming of liquid silk trains, fairytale organza or vintage lace, here youll find the A-Z of the designer dream team, complete with their showstoppers, delicate minimalism and exquisite unpredictability.




For the quintessential British beauty looking for rock chick chic, look no further than the iconic Temperley Bridal and the carefree Elisha Dress. What it shuns in structure it makes up for in delicately intricate appliqué, crystals, luscious linings, tulle overlays and stitch work - all finessed by hand, naturally. Its no surprise, then, that the laid-back luxuriousness of this collection is a favourite among rockers and royalty alike, and brings a refreshingly lightheartedness to the wedding day wardrobe.

Temperley Elisha Dress

From famous followings to dignitary prowess, Zahavit Tshuba is a magnate in the fashion world and a hot topic among the press. Her statement style is perfect for she who daresbrides, and is guaranteed to cause quite the stir down the aisle.For a playful twist add pom-poms with the flamboyant Anna dress or demand high drama with the stop-and-stare Rebecca - dripping effortlessly with tassel fringing, pearls and crystal detailing.

Zahavit Tshuba Anna Dress

Zahavit Tshuba Rebecca Dress

For the ultimate juxtaposition of androgyny versus femininity choose Lola - almost athletic in form from front aspect, with a surprising punch of prettiness on the twirl.

Zahavit Tshuba Lola


Too much drama for your big day? Simplify your style with Amanda Wakeleys freshly-cut minimalism. So uncomplicated are her designs, they ooze, in comparison, a bold and beautiful confidence. Statuette shapes and Grecian by design, the Cleopatra Dress is stunningly exotic yet timeless in style. A classic masterpiece from a a world-class designer renowned for her elegant fashion flair and Clean Glamvibe.

 Amanda Wakeley Cleopatra Dress

If youre looking for grandeur, glamour and outrageously gorgeous gowns, the ballroom silhouettes cut by Lazaro may just marry with your wildest dreams. The sugary sherbet ombre, organza ruffles and tumbling chapel train of LZ3450 combine to create the most head-turning eye candy for ladies planning one unforgettable entrance.

Lazaro JLM Couture  

And finally to a long-standing favourite who needs little introduction, David Fielden. Fusing romance, whimsy and fantastical silhouettes with a collection that flatters and charms, he promises standout style, fashion-forward designs and a timeless edge. And wow, does he deliver! The fragility, spirited layering and laser cut floral detailing of his 8540 showpiece is fierce and fearless in equal measure, and is the ultimate choice for the audacious bride to be.

David Fielden 8540


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