A lot of planning goes into a wedding. As a bride, everyone expects more of you than you ever thought they would! There are a few people who are allowed to call you in a panic, asking what to wear to your special day (your mum, that one cousin you’re close to, maybe an old friend) but overall, you definitely don’t want to have to think about what your entire guest list will be wearing. You have cakes to taste, after all. 


Yet nothing is worse than your uncle showing up in his favourite shirt with ruffles or that one cousin deciding to wear a lacy white dress. While it’s not your decision, how your wedding guests dress can definitely affect how you feel about the day. So if anyone asks, link them to this blog, because we’re about to offer some tips on how to choose an ensemble for a friend’s wedding day....


1. Think about the season. Will it be hot or cold, most likely? Might it rain? Choose clothing that will be appropriate for the temperature and plan for inclement weather, just in case. That could mean slipping an umbrella into your chic beaded handbag or pocketing a stylish handkerchief in case of heat. 


2. Think about the venue. You know where the wedding is going to be held, even if you don’t know the exact style the bride is going for or the colours she’ll be using. If the big day is taking place in a cathedral or classic mansion, then odds are it will be an elegant affair. Start shopping for a stunning wedding fascinator or hat to make an impression and show off your style. If the bride and groom are to be married on beach sands, perhaps a linen suit would be the perfect selection for a trendy bloke.


3. Think about the time of day. A tea-length dress is a smashing choice for an afternoon wedding outdoors, but may seem out of place at a dinner wedding. Let the time of day of both the ceremony and reception guide your fashion choice

4. Think about the bride and groom. What are their personalities like? If the season, venue and time of day aren’t enough to give you a hint at the style you should be going for, then maybe knowing a little bit about the couple will help you decide between that gorgeous evening gown and strapless sundress.


At the end of the day, dress how you would want someone to dress for your wedding and you won’t go wrong.