You’ve got your partner, your dress, your accessories, your venue, your music…but are you forgetting that one thing that takes your wedding from a great day to an absolutely memorable occasion in the eyes of your guests?


There are a million different ways to express your gratitude to the friends and family that attend your wedding, but one of the best is through unique wedding favours.


But what to go for? Sugared almonds, sweet confectionary or luxurious indulgent chocolate? Charbonnel et Walker give you hundreds of decadent chocolate truffles in unique shapes and sizes to send your guests home with boxes of deliciously indulgent treats. The chocolate high heels in a mock crock handbag are a particularly fun and unique choice!




You can find loads of ideas for wedding favours on the Favour Fairy site, including ones for the children to ensure no one is left out! They even have individual gifts for men and women to help you along when you’re stuck for something to give your bridesmaids or groomsmen. 


Personalised wedding favours help your guests remember who those fantastic lollies, beautiful candles or cappuccino sachets came from. Designing them yourself or making the idea your own also helps you express your personality and put your own twist on the gift to make it extra special. At you can create you very own personalised marshmallow boxes - just upload a set of images from your iphone or pick from their selection of captions and send to print! You will them be sent your own personalised boxes for your big day. 



Looking for other ideas? You could always follow in the footsteps of the legendary, lavish Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding. The two reportedly spent around £80,000 per guest on a basket that included Bollinger champagne, Crème de la Mer products, spa vouchers and trinkets studded with Swarovski crystals.  


If you still want to treat your guests like celebrities, consider pinching Princess Kate and Prince William’s idea and give attendees deluxe scarves. You don’t have to get them custom made by a high-end apparel company, but giving your wedding guests useful favours is always a smashing success.


Whatever you decide to give away as mementos of your special day, we recommend that you decide what boxes you want the treat to tick and what you want those favours to say about you. Make sure that you’re happy with the end result!


Choose from some of the options below and add your own. What do you want your wedding favours to be?