We spoke to the experts Mimi and Liesl from Zouch & Lamare about their ultimate wedding planning tips.

Was there a wedding you were particularly proud of planning? If so, what were some of the elements that made it so unique?

This is a difficult question to pick just one as each and every wedding we plan is bespoke to each couple and special to us in it’s own unique way.


Are there any dates in the calendar a couple should avoid for the big day?

Not necessarily, but it may be worth bearing in mind there may be price fluctuations around key calendar dates in the year. For example, if you envisage a wedding full of red roses you should probably avoid getting married around Valentine’s Day as supply and demand of red roses from the flower market influences cost! The same applies around Mother’s Day and Christmas.


How could the way a couple met for the first time influence the theme?

This is just one element that goes into establishing the style, theme, look and feel of a couple’s wedding. At the start of the wedding planning journey we like to get to know our couples by finding out personal details about them to identify their personalities as individuals as well as a together as a couple. This could be anything from their favourite holiday destination, to their favourite flowers and favourite restaurant. We avoid the “cookie cutter” wedding and specialise in making each couple’s wedding unique to them and their interests.

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In the beginning stages of wedding planning most brides don’t know where to start. Do you have a step-by-step order you like to follow?

There is a guide we follow to make sure all the boxes are ticked, but it’s fluid and adaptable to each couple. Not all our clients have the same requirements and they prioritise different elements that make up their wedding day. That said, we will work with our clients to ensure we work together in an order that works for them and gets all the elements covered. Typically, the first thing that requires sourcing is the perfect wedding venue and securing the wedding date!


Sometimes couples encounter situations that might mess with their original plans. For instance, they have a date but no decision on the theme or venue yet. Is it wiser to wait to send Save-the-Dates?

We would definitely advise waiting to announce a wedding date to family and friends until the date and venue are both secured – the Bride and Groom can then avoid having to re-send Save The Dates should plans change.


Without an idea of a theme, what could the Save-the-Date invites look like?

We often suggest to our couples that don’t yet have a colour scheme or theme in mind to have fun with their Save The Date stationery. This could be through the use of a photo of them, create a fridge magnet or tea towel, or even just create a beautiful, simple and elegant card. The wedding invitation and On The Day wedding stationery can be refined to match the chosen colour scheme and theme.