Les Trois Soeurs

Wedding Glossary


A pattern or ornament made out of one piece of material and applied to another for decorative effect. This can provide a unique flair for a bride wanting to stand out or show off her personality.


Fabric made through the process of Jacquard weaving, which produces raised patterns across the textile. Derived from the French word for ‘ornament’, brocade is a heavy, luxurious fabric, traditionally considered a fall or winter material.


Two types of crepe yarns woven together produce this fine, partially transparent fabric. Often used as an overlay, chiffon gives an elegant, floating appearance to the gown.

Duchesse satin

A lightweight blended fabric, often consisting of silk fibres, rayon, or polyester. Ideal for draping, it is often used in couture wedding gown design, particularly because it is less likely to wrinkle and therefore looks fabulous even throughout a long wedding day.

Empire silhouette

A style first popular in the early 19th century, particularly flattering on small-busted women or more overall curvy figures. Drawing attention upward, the waistline is cut just below the bust and accentuates the top half of the wearer.


An appointment usually made after the dress is chosen to alter it to a bride’s specifications. This is crucial to ensure the best possible fit, and some brides require more than one session.


Traditionally the groom’s version of tossing the bouquet, a garter is worn by the bride and taken off by her groom to be thrown to awaiting bachelors at the reception. Don't forget your garter, shop for it now.


A sleeveless style with straps that wrap around the neck for extra support. Particularly flattering for women with small shoulders, and ideal for a summery look without the worry of a strapless gown.


Softer than pure white and lighter than cream: a popular colour choice for both bridal and bridesmaid gowns.


Second in importance only to the gown, jewellery and accessories bring together an entire ensemble, often expressing a bride’s personality and adding the finishing touch to her look. Shop our complete accessories collection now.


A teardrop shaped opening in the front of a gown, usually just above the bust. More modest than décolleté, it gives the gown a playful yet demure look.


A light, open-weave fabric often used as trim or an overlay for a gown. Considered a vintage or classic look, lace gives a design both airiness and elegance. Browse our  extensive collection of lace dresses now.

Mermaid silhouette

Hugs the upper body and hips with a flared hem, similar to the trumpet style. Ideal for willowy figures and women wishing to elongate the appearance of their bodies. Browser our collection of mermaid/fishtail silhouettes now.


The part of a headpiece or millinery that falls like a veil over the forehead and eyes. This style is known as birdcage veiling and is more modern than a traditional veil.


Covers part of the upper arm while showing off collarbone and décolletage. Most flattering to women with fuller busts, however this is a great style for women of all figures.


An overskirt added to a gown to create layers and the illusion of curves. This draws attention to the waistline while giving the wearer an enviable hourglass figure.


Materials and craftsmanship of a high calibre. Able to stand the test of time, high quality designs are often passed down through generations as keepsakes and mementos.

Royal train

A part of many formal gowns, this extension of fabric is often carried by a personal attendant whilst the bride walks down the aisle. It is then usually drawn up into a bustle for the reception


Dramatically highlights curves by clinging to the body, similar to the column but often with less structure. Many times this style is made with silk or satin to further accentuate the wearer’s shape.


A very fine weave of netting that creates a gauzy, sheer fabric. This is often used for ball gown style dresses and veils, as it is somewhat transparent and provides lift and support when worn under a skirt.


An endless array of shapes and styles with designs suitable for wear under any gown. Underwear and lingerie are important considerations for the wedding day as they can provide shaping and help streamline the look of a gown. Browse through our stunning La Perla Shape Allure collection now. 


Usually made of tulle or lace, worn to cover the hair and/or face of a bride. Traditional in many cultures, it has become a symbol of virginity and purity, and can now be found in many unique styles.

Watteau train

A panel of fabric that falls from the upper back to the floor. Usually made of sheer fabric such as chiffon.


A key ingredient to making every decision with ease! Enthusiasm about a gown or accessory is often what separates one design from another. Choose the piece that excites you.


From the proposal until the ceremony, a bride has to say yes to several things: dress, shoes, accessories; and the groom, of course!


A sliding fastener that easily closes a gown. Often these are hidden beneath more stylish buttons or ribbons to give the appearance of a complex back design.